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Justin Mane and Haley Heslip-Benedict in "Void" by Peter Polous


Justin Mane has been involved in the Acting industry for well over 12 years.  First discovered by an agent as a teenager, Justin started off performing in student films for schools such as Wayne State University ("Displaced" by DK) and the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan ("Killy McStabStab" by Evan Cloyd).  Mane has always had a strong passion for acting and filmmaking, and the pursuit of perfecting his craft still grows stronger to this day.

Several years ago, Justin put acting in the background to pursue Pro Wrestling; wrestling as "Johnny Margera," and eventually "Justin Mane."  This unique business helped develop the strong improv and character-building skills that he still utilizes to this day when working on current and future projects.

In 2014, Justin received the opportunity to work on "Jurassic World," and flew down to New Orleans on his 26th Birthday to attend a casting call for the film.  As a child, "Jurassic Park" was the film that influenced him most to pursue a career in Acting, and to have a part in a "Jurassic" film was a five year-old childhood dream come true.  After sharing this story with one of the Casting Directors of the film, Justin was eventually cast as an Extra and was able to live that dream he had as a child.

This experience led Justin to pursue a career in Acting professionally, and with a passion that he hadn't had since he was a teenager; eventually studying the art of Acting with Danielle Pivetta (SAG-AFTRA), the Michigan Actor's Studio (Kate Peckham), The Actor's Loft (Hugh Gall), and Goteri Creative Arts (Rich Goteri).

Justin Mane is repped by The iGroup (Michigan), Production's-Plus (Michigan), PCG Talent (Ohio), Phirgun Mair (New Mexico), and Spark Talent (Texas).  Justin has worked on several commercials at a national (Rocket Mortgage), regional (DTE), and online (Mopar & Fiat) level; Television (WWE Raw and Smackdown); Web (A Beautiful Joke, Domino, Parallel); and film (Detroit, Christmas Coupon, Eternal Code).  Justin's largest role to date is "Detroit," a feature film directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) for Annapurna Pictures, which was based off of the 1967 Detroit riots.

Justin is hungry for a career in acting, and is looking for roles he can be proud of many years from now.  To him, it's about the quality of work he produces, not the fame or the fortune.  Justin has a work ethic very few possess and a hunger for success that keeps him grinding and looking for more opportunities.  Justin is now starting to receive acclaim in Michigan for his work, but is looking to expand to a national and eventually a global level.

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Sam Logan-Khelaghi, Director of "Devil's Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge"

Sam Logan-Khelaghi, director of the major motion picture film Devil's Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge

"Is incredibly diverse and hard-working."

Daniel Knudsen, Director of "Christmas Coupon"

Daniel Knudsen, director of the feature film "Christmas Coupon" for the Hallmark Channel

"Your performance in that scene was phenomenal.  Great performance!"

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