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Justin Mane engaging with the CLASH audience during a 2016 summer event


"The Mane Event" Justin Mane, the tough, exciting and charismatic performer, started off like most other Professional Wrestlers: as a fan.  Justin first became interested in Pro Wrestling at the age of 8, after hearing from a couple of his school friends about "these big guys beating each other up on TV".  That promotion ended up being WCW, where the very first memory Mane has of Pro Wrestling was Sting dropping down from the rafters to beat up a group of men called the NWO.  It was that memory that would change everything for Justin and hook him as a fan for life.

It wasn't until 2005, however, that Justin would begin to reconsider his direction in life.  Mane sat 5th row at the WWE Survivor Series in Detroit, and it was the Last Man Standing match between HHH and Ric Flair.  These two legends brawled into the crowd, and Mane noticed they were coming right towards him.  As he turned around to grab his camera, Justin was hit and knocked over a group of chairs.  When he looked back up to see who or what had hit him, he saw HHH standing right next to him as Ric Flair came out of nowhere to deck HHH and take the spot he was just standing in.  It was at this moment that Justin realized this was what he wanted to do in life.

Just like most other independent wrestlers in the modern era, before Mane pursued professional training, he did whatever he could to apply the art and involved himself into backyard wrestling.  While it was fun and a great way to meet like-minded peers, Mane wanted more.  Going under the moniker of "Johnny Margera," Justin eventually started working for promotions such as CIW; in which he trained with veterans before the shows; and BCWA, where he would eventually receive professional training from Breyer Wellington (who had helped train stars such as Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin).  Justin wrestled weekly with BCWA and worked on his craft consistently for 3 years, before he left BCWA in 2010 to pursue other independent wrestling promotions.

Now on his own and after changing his name, "Justin Mane" has worked for several promotions since then around the Midwest: such as BCWA, CLASH Wrestling, BWCW, XICW, and more; and has performed in matches with wrestling stars such as Tommy Dreamer, Scotty 2 Hotty, Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore, Apollo Crews, Petey Williams, and many more.  Justin has also held the BCWA Championship once; BWCW Championship once (and is currently holding); CLASH Championship twice; the PCW Tag-Team Championship once; the MCW Elite Championship once; and the CIW Old-School Championship once.  Mane has won awards as well, including the BWCW "2017 Wrestler of the Year," "2017 Match of the Year," "2018 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year," and "2018 Wrestler of the Year."  Justin's biggest accomplishment, however, was his first televised appearance for WWE in April 2012 in his debut match as "Jacob Kaye" against Ryback.  Since then, Mane has received over 10 WWE try-out matches, and has performed in try-outs for IMPACT Wrestling and EVOLVE Wrestling as well.

Justin Mane uses a unique blend of athleticism, strength, agility, and toughness in his repertoire.  He's well-known for being able to keep up with the quickest of cruiserweights; match up power with the strongest of heavyweights; get down and dirty with the toughest of fighters; and go hold-for-hold with advanced technical wrestlers.  In combination with these skills, Justin also uses his experience as an Actor to really engage with the crowd and let his personality and charisma shine.  Some have considered Justin Mane as a future star in the business, and has untapped potential because of it.

In 2019, Justin Mane has entered his 11th year as a Pro Wrestler, and is looking to really make his mark in the industry.  Stay on the look-out (and stay "Star-Struck") for this young talent to make waves going forward.


Name: Justin Mane

Ring Name: "The Mane Event"

Former Name(s): Johnny Margera; Jacob Kaye

From: The City of Angels

Residence: Utica, Michigan

Age: 31

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 198 lbs.

Build: Athletic

Years of Experience: 11

# of Matches: 500+

Trained By: Can-Am Wrestling Dojo (Scott D'Amore, John E. Bravo, Jon Bolen); BCWA (Breyer Wellington); Dave Duponte

Additional Training/Workshops: Jamie Noble, EVOLVE Wrestling (Norman Smiley, Matt Riddle, Tracey Williams, Gabe Sapolsky), Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, D'Angelo Dinero, Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore, Jay Lethal

Promotions Worked For: WWE, CLASH Wrestling, XICW, UCW, BWCW, BCWA, MCW, PCW, VIPW, CIW, RCW, DSW, TCW, Mid-West Wrestling, OPW, PWA

Notable Opponents: Ryback, Tommy Dreamer, Scotty 2 Hotty, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Grandmaster Sexay, Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore, Matt Cross, Sienna, Apollo Crews, Marty Jannetty, Truth Martini, James Alexander, Alex Weir, Patrick Hayes, Juntai, Gavin Quinn, Elk, Tommy Treznik, Cameron Skyy, Mazerati Ric, MM3, Jake Something, N8 Mattson, Orlando Christopher

Wrestling Style(s): High-Flying, Striking, Power, Technical, Brawling

Gimmick: An actor that will stop at nothing for fame, and never wants to have his face touched or hit because of that.

Tag Line(s): "Stay Star-Struck!"; "Don't touch the face."

Finisher(s): JMKO (F5 Cutter); Sunset Over Rodeo Drive (Phoenix Splash)

Signature Move(s): Manesault (Top-Rope Springboard Moonsault Press); Star-Struck (Pele Kick); SAG Stomp (Northern Lights Suplex/Double Foot Stomp); Box Office Smash (Cross-Arm Neckbreaker); 15 Seconds of Fame (Elevated DDT/Guillotine Choke)

Justin Mane: Sizzle Reel

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